Hell Knight Ingrid EPISODE 04 [PIXY]
(魔界騎士イングリッド~episode04 惨めなる果て~ / Hell Knight Ingrid – episode 04 Perpetual Misery)

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PLOT: What you see are the ruins of the proud knights!
Ninkurou struggles to save his little sister, Murasaki, and finds the diabolic city controlled by Kiryu. However, he gets into a scrape by getting attack from 2 strong beast men.
Meanwhile, Ingrid and Murasaki are totally disgraced and have lost all their dignity. They have become prostitute at the bottom rank and welcome customers with obsequious smiles.

This is the final volume of the series!

*”The life of slaved prostitute Ingrid” tells the story of Ingrid, completely broken, turning a trick from her customer’s point of view.
*”Murasaki, planted on the wall” tells the story of Murasaki, mounted on the wall as a punishment. She still offers her hole to the customers and cries while sucking the semen as a meal…

Hell Knight Ingrid 04 PIXY / LILITH / ZIZ