Hell Knight Ingrid EP 03 [PIXY]

Hell Knight Ingrid EPISODE 03 [PIXY]
(魔界騎士イングリッド episode03 屈辱の誓約 / Hell Knight Ingrid – episode 03 Humiliating Vow)

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PLOT: 3nd volume of the series goes into high gear!
Kiryu’s nefarious revenge continues! After the body modification, Ingrid is under the control of Kiryu. She finally gives in to Kiryu in fear of killing her master as his agent. The same for Murasaki, she bents down before him because of Asagi. And two beautiful girls become sex slave for Kiryu…
Bound to ogres by the chain, they now call him “my master,” and the life as whore breaks their prides into pieces.

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