Hell Knight Ingrid EPISODE 02 [PIXY]
(魔界騎士イングリッド episode02 ムラサキ被虐 / Inran Byouin no Nazo Makai Kishi Inguriddo 02 Murasaki Higyaku / Hell Knight Ingrid – episode 02 Murasaki’s Humiliation)

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PLOT: Taimanin Murasaki becomes active in the diabolic city! Trapped by Kiryu, the beautiful ninja girl is injected the evil blood which makes people naughty against their will. She is at first assaulted by the tentacle, then by orks. Her eyes are filled with terror when Kiryu declares a cruel experiment…

Ingrid’s pride is completely broken! The hell knight in captivity withstands the repetitive assaults from the orks. However, more humiliating event awaits her. Ingrid is violated in a banquet in the presence of the naughty noble men. Her extremely expanded belly filled with orks’ semen is unveiled to them and she is forced to show them just how much ork semen is inside of her.

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