Hell Knight Ingrid EPISODE 01 [PIXY]
(魔界騎士イングリッド episode01 イングリッド無残 / Makai Kishi Ingrid 01 Inguriddo Muzan / Hell Knight Ingrid – episode 01 Ingrid’s Disgrace / The Dark Knight Ingrid)

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PLOT: A spin-off anime from PIXY/Lilith’s popular work, “Taimanin Murasaki”! set in the universe of “Taiman Asagi”. Dark demons from hell mercilessly invade Tokyo, the diabolic city. The only thing standing in their way is a group of ninjas fighting for justice called Taimanin.

Hell knight Ingrid, one of Hell’s best, is suspicious of the diabolic doctor, Samato Kiryu, who recently became a demonic minion of hell after his head was sliced off by the ninja Murasakia. Ingrid is completely loyal to her master the ruler of hell Edwin Black but she is doubtful of Kiryu’s motives and vows to find proof of his betrayal.
However, she underestimates Kiryu’s abilities and is captured by him. Kiryu tries to destroy Ingrid’s noble soul by violating her in the most despicable ways. All the while he manages to conceal this treachery from Edwin Black, keeping him from coming to save her.
He even loans Ingrid to a group of monstrous demons who have a grudge against her for disciplining them in the past. It doesn’t take them long to seek their revenge on her voluptuous body and further disgrace this noble knight… But this is just the beginning of Ingrid’s hell and what is Kiryu really planning.

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