Guri Guri Cute Yuffie COMPLETE RE170717 RJ170717

Guri Guri Cute Yuffie COMPLETE RE170717 RJ170717 [RAW] [3D]
(ぐりぐりキュートユフィ / Guriguri KyutoYufi)

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  1. Is it just me or that this video is voice lag. I’ve already download it from two sources but I feel the voice’s still comes before the actual scene. (multiple climax scene references)

    1. I didn’t notice any voice lag. I did notice that for the most part they don’t bother to animate her mouth to match her moans and groans, she doesn’t really say much else. What player are you using? You may want to try a different one if your having lag.

      1. Well, I watch this video before over and over again but its still feels not right. First I thought it was my PC or something but then I download yours. Then I found out that it’s still the same (yours better quality tho). I didn’t heard anything wrong during the sex scene but I notice it during each climax scene. Try watching it over and over again see if you notice it.
        About my players, I have a lot of them with all the codecs installed. My favorite and frequently used player is GOM player and encoder. Its the best.

        1. Sorry but I’m not obsessed over this issue and I don’t have time to watch it over and over again, or even once more for that matter.

          This is a fan circle made H-Anime and that’s probably why you see discrepancies with the mouth movements and voices.

          1. Nah, I’m not telling you like I’m obsessed with it or something, just want to tell you about it. If you think that’s the case then maybe yeah. Besides, even you know its weird what you gonna do right, it’s not like its your video.

            Sorry, I making a fuss about it.

            1. no problem, and please don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate you pointing it out. It’s just that I don’t really think there is any helping it, if all the videos you have seen of this have the same issue it was probably a production issue or it could be that all the “versions” you have downloaded are in fact the same video but since you said the one I have posted here is better quality then it’s probably a production issue, they just cheaped-out when making it.

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