Golden Saber [RAW] [3D] [PLUS CG]
(聖杯少女 触手に縛られる心 / Chalice Girl: Her Tentacle-Bound Heart)

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PLOT: Hentai anime starring Saber (セイバー) from Fate/stay night (フェイト/ステイナイト).

The young priestess now wet with ashamed arousal. Tentacles pin her down in the abandoned ruins of the
church of the Abyssal Forest. Aphrodisia flooded her soul, tendrils slurp her breasts and slide between her yearning thighs. It is the rape of a thousand touches… exquisite… merciless… and in her bloated womb a nexus of pleasure explodes!!!

Her powers now depleted and her body a tarnished vessel of depravity, and with a phallus in every sloven orifice there is no choice but to accept her fate. She lets out a cry, her ecstasy echoing in the spires.

Golden Saber @OZ