1. Gotta say that I enjoyed the 1st episode of this but hated the 2nd on how it ended, yes i’m one of those weird guys who also looks at the story as well as the adult content.

  2. Is it bad when I say that I actually enjoyed this one? ;s
    Not gonna lie, but I’m looking forward for Ep. 2 of this one.

    Thanks Dizzy! Hope you win the Roccat contest.

    – Zylow

    1. Thanks Zylow : ) but doesn’t seem like many people are voting for me, or the contest is rigged. Last I checked I had 131 points and the guy on top now has 1012. I’m really starting to think it’s rigged since I believe that way more of you would have taken the small amount of time needed to give me a point (I really though the community would pull together to win this, I was looking forward to reviewing and raffling off stuff) Anyway not a big deal I’m really busy as it is with all I do and I will be starting something special to me very soon that I hope to take up a decent amount of my spare time. I wont tell you what yet, it’s a surprise ; D)

    1. Well it is a Japanese animation… : P

      I have the subbed and HD versions to release (Just worked on the site too much today probably post them tomorrow if I have the time 🙂

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