Gakuen Saimin Reido EP 01-02 [ENG SUBS]

Gakuen Saimin Reido EPISODE 01-02 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]
(学園催眠隷奴 anime:01 あんたって本当に最低の屑だわ! + 学園催眠隷奴 anime:02 もうダメ、子宮に中出しされてイグゥ~)

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DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
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PLOT: A powerful device falls in the hands of an institute student. He is ugly and despised by other students and female teachers alike. But with this mysterious cell phone he can induce an hypnotic state on whomever he takes a photo of and during that period of time, he can modify the will and body response the way he likes. Fun times are ahead for him, and he aims as high as he can, that is the head teacher and the student council members.


  1. Originally planned to review this earlier on, but somehow didn’t made it.
    So here it is now.

    The echhi otaku in me developed even further in me after watching this. It was very, very good. Felt totally not sorry for the girls here. They were all bullying Futoshi, though he didn’t do anything bad (in the beginning). Hypnotism is in this case quite the ultimate way of revenge! What also added to the enjoyment is the Ahegao-rate. So much Ahegao = winning! Okay, it’s not as delicious as Teruaki’s Ahegao style, but still… I love Ahegao. Oh and the lactation scenes added even more goodness!

    But are there bad parts too?
    Well, the most interesting part was at the end of episode 3. It felt like something was missing.. Futoshi wanted to do something with that hot pink-haired girl, but it wasn’t shown…

    Rating: 9

    1. The originals work and play sound. You might have to update your codecs or try a different player. (10bit are for PC use only) Check out the FAQ’s for help and links to what codecs I suggest etc. Let me know how it goes.

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