Gakincho Rape [RAW] [3D]

Gakincho Rape [RAW] [3D]

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PLOT: Nanako and Kouichi always went to their “secret place” on the way home from school.
They were young and in love but were too shy to even share their first kiss, though they very much wanted to. The couple was happy to just be together, and every day was lovely.

So they continued to go to their secret place each day to be together, always at the same time.

But one day, a stranger followed them there…

15 thoughts on “Gakincho Rape [RAW] [3D]

    1. There is no need to compress this into a rar file (or any other form of compressed file) as it is only one file (so no need to group the files into a rar, etc) and it would do no good to compress it since video is already compressed, it wouldn’t make it a smaller file. So no I will not be compressing this.

  1. my net is too bad for direct download 🙁 too bad there is no torrent, but i guess it’s cos of the no killing shelter cats month.

    1. No, it’s just because I was busy and didn’t get around to posting it yet. I will post the torrent on hshare as always.

        1. Thanks I really try my best to keep things running smoothly. Not feeling the best today so it’s nice to know some people still appreciate what I am trying to do

    1. EDIT I will look into it

      If you are tying to play it, the error is on your end, the file works. Check the file size and make sure you have the full file, then read over the FAQ’s for further help playing the video.

      1. I am getting the same error. I am already using MPC HC and all the codecs are up to date. Shame, I waited for the download to finish because I liked that Assault Scene video.

        1. We are working on the issue, it is not with the file, it happens in the upload or download process. Looking into it, check the RABIDfiles twitter for updates and to know once the issue is fixed

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