Futari No Tobari [RAW] [3D] [HD]

Futari No Tobari [RAW] [3D] [HD]
(ふたりのとばりっ~ヒカリととばるの[ぬきさし]ならない関係~ / Futari no Tobari -Hikari and Tobaru the sticky Flight-)

Direct Downlload Link(s) (DDL)
[hshare.net].Futari.no.Tobari.[RAW].[3D].[HD].wmv (1.18 GB)

[hshare.net].Futari.no.Tobari.[RAW].[3D].[HD].[10bit].mp4 (377.91 MB)

Mobile Devices VERSION (iPhone, Android, etc…) (NOT HD – 480×270)
[hshare.net].Futari.no.Tobari.[RAW].[3D].[iPhone].mp4 (87.41 MB)

DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[hshare.net].Futari.no.Tobari.[DEMO].mp4 (15.05 MB)
[hshare.net].Futari.no.Tobari.[DEMO].[ENG.SUBS].mp4 (15.08 MB)

PLOT: Acute futanari (dick girl) and a sweet cross-dressing shota get it on!

* Tsundere, futanari, kissu, wanky, fellate, 69, anal stimulize, chinguri, and anal fuck to the stretched limits, Maaaaassive hole-filling, spunkloads of hot jizz, mutual flights to ecstasy, X-Ray view

Futari No Tobari MIMIA Cute WORKS
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  1. hi. has the torrent been put out already for this and Futanari no hikari? i used the search engine at hshare and found nothing.. so just wondering ^_^. the HD versions btw ^_^. Thank you for the releases btw.

    1. I know of one- entirely by accident and I was not supposed to find out. I will never reveal who she is. But except for her cock and balls and the inability to get pregnant (her ovaries developed into testicles) she looks entirely female. And for a time I tried to pursue her lol. But she remains a good friend to me.

      1. Yeah they are out there, but it’s rare and as awesome as their unique bodies are, they must have a rough life in this our mostly unaccepting world… it must be so hard for them to find someone.
        I’m a believer that different/unique/weird is beautiful because it’s truth (generally)
        I wish your friend all then best in love and life <3

  2. I have seen this before. And I am almost certain that its a futa and a guy. Not 2 futas. Thanks though this is a great movie.

    1. very brutal, I’m going to try and reduce the file size as much as I can for the 10bit version, sometimes dlsite releases are uncompressed so they are unnecessarily huge file sizes, I just got off work so I can play with that now 🙂

      1. Hi I got another by the same works. Just a single futa with various solo actions. If I can, I can u/l the file to you. Large about 800mb i think but I do not mind at all. Very good movie as well.

    1. Yeah, the file is huge, that’s why I am going to upload a 10bit, mobile and non-hd version as soon as I can. (probably have to wait till I’m off work for me to post those though)

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