Flower Bud [RAW] [EXE]

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[hshare.net].Flower.Bud.[RAW].[EXE].rar (181.16 MB)

PLOT: Chuang ○ Ki Inn has fallen on bad times, so the landlady decides as an incentive to her customers she will offer up the female employees; some young innocent schoolgirls, to entertain the men while they stay at her inn.

When the daughter of a rival inn decides to stay at Chuang ○ Ki Inn to do some spying, she becomes the new victim.

Three different girls are offered up to the horny men at the pleasure inn.

note: Double click on [hshare.net].Flower.Bud.[RAW].exe to play. You need adobe flash installed to play the exe file (don’t worry it’s free)