Flesh Toilet [RAW] [3D]
(アヘられ ~わたし、おちちゃいました☆⌒(ゝω・)vキャピッ ~ / Aherare – I’m sorry I’m fallen)

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[hshare.net].Flesh.Toilet.[RAW].[3D].rar (343.62 MB)

PLOT: “I’m going to make you my flesh toilet.”
A cute schoolgirl is targeted by her teacher and forced to remain after school. He threatens her into doing what he wants and gives her a sex drug to help things along a little. Then he begins the assault on her body and mind. She tries to resist him by thinking about her boyfriend… but breaks from the repeated sexual pleasure he forces on her.

Focuses on the gape face and dirty words!

System Options
Camera filter: Turning on this filter to make images as if you are watching them through a camcorder recording. It makes the scene alive!
“INNER THOUGHTS”: Push a button to hear the inner voice of the girl as she struggles to maintain her sanity.

note: this is an executable file (.exe). Double click on the .exe file to play the video. It runs on a flash player that works essentially the same as your video player. Hover over the bottom of the window to view the controls. Remember to have adobe flash installed and up to date.