First Love 2012 EP 03 [ENG SUBS]

(First Love 真琴)

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[].First.Love.2012.EP03.[RAW].mkv (163.94 MB)

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First Love MANGA

First Love THE MANGA (Doujin)!
by Osuzu Akiomi (尾鈴明臣)
And see where it all began!!
Both the “ORIGINAL Japanese” and “ENGLISH translated” VERSIONS


  1. Uncle!

    I’ve tried every variation of a search string I can think to try and find subtitles on my own. I get lots of different sites either streaming the video, reviewing the video, or offering to download it, but not one blighted .srt or .ass file.

    Can you give me some tips on how to search for subtitles?

      1. >:p ( <- I intend this as an ASCII smiley, not to be replaced by a graphic. I take no responsibility for it if it turns into a graphic on me.)

        You seem to have no trouble finding subtitles on your own. What sites are you accessing? Or are you making them on your own?

        1. I guess I was too subtle, I’m not going to tell you where I get subtitles. I find them where I can. I don’t do translations but I do synch up the subtitles with the video’s I have, if they don’t already match up.

          1. I dont really care where you find the subtitles but are your sources where you get them extensive? I ask because I need to figure out if its better to wait for you to sub RAW videos or to try and find some on my own.
            Thanks for all the nice file too by the way 😛

            1. That’s something you will have to decide on your own but I hope you will stick around, I do try to get them up as soon as I can find them. (my sources are the internet and friends)

              1. I think its more than acceptable the way you are running things at the moment 😛
                I was just surprized at how many subbers there are out there.

                  1. But than Im left with doubt of the reliablity of the translation 😛
                    But I guess its better than not having anything.

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