Endless Shooting With Aki-Nee [RAW] [3D]

Endless Shooting With Aki-Nee [RAW] [3D]
(アキ姉と終わらない発射 / aki ane to owara nai hassha)

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[hshare.net].Endless.Shooting.With.Aki-nee.[RAW].[3D].avi (338.59 MB)
[hshare.net].Endless.Shooting.With.Aki-nee.[Climax].[RAW].[3D].avi (53.93 MB)
[hshare.net].Endless.Shooting.With.Aki-nee.[Nurse].[All].[RAW].[3D].avi (327.44 MB)
[hshare.net].Endless.Shooting.With.Aki-nee.[Nurse].[Climax].[RAW].[3D].avi (57.30 MB)

PLOT: She must endure three days of continuous sexual pleasure and it was all caught on film for your viewing pleasure! Two sessions one with her fully naked and one with her exposed wile wearing a nurse uniform. Also includes two all climax special clips of her being covered and filled with semen.


    1. I thought the -nee could also be used for the older childhood friends
      For respect or something like that?

      1. 姉さん refers to an older sister. However children will refer to any female they meet that they think of as not old as 姉さん. And example would be a 5 yr old talking to a 12 yr old will refer to them with 姉さん. Females fear the day that children stop refering to them with 姉さん and start using the term obasan (typically around 20s-30s). Obasan is used for older females but not the aged who are referred to as Obaasan.

        If a child has grown up with an older female that is unrelated they might continue to refer to them with their name followed by 姉さん for many years longer then typical. This is evidence that they are close as the female would have corrected the younger person when they reached an older age if she did not feel it was appropriate.

        Its also not uncommon to see males referring to female cusions using 姉さん but it does not guarentee any kind of blood relation.

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