Destined For Love EP 01-02 [UNCEN]

Destined For Love EPISODES 01-02 [UNCENSORED]
(ふたりの兄嫁 / Futari no Aniyome)

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PLOT: Akane is a transfer student in Shinya’s class. She is the bride of his elder brother but is still a virgin. Shinya had pledged himself to her when they were little. Realizing their feelings for each other, Sayumi, a bride of Shinya’s other brother, teaches Shinya how to make love. Using the techniques acquired from Sayumi, he then makes love with Akane…


  1. It speaks great of the Japanese being able to make pornography like Destined for Love. Here both women and men freely to follow their desires, enjoy sex and don’t worry much about sexual loyalty, which is a big problem in normal relationships.

    In normal relationships people automatically get some type of possession over the body of his/her partner and at the same type lose right over his/her partner; each partner loses his/her right to have sex with anybody else.

    I think this is the real immorality, expecting to own somebody’s body and mind in exchange for your own body and mind. It doesn’t work well either, but almost all people refuses to think and clings the same old.

    PS, English subtitles would be great.

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