Crimson Girls EP 01 [ENG SUBS]

(OVA クリムゾンガールズ~痴漢支配~ 第一章 HONEY屈服 / Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai)

ENGLISH SUBTITLES (works with both files)
[].Crimson.Girls.EP01.[ENG.SUBS.FILE].rar (4.84 KB)

Direct Download Link(s) (DDL) [NEW LINKS]
[].Crimson.Girls.EP01.[RAW].mp4 (251.66 MB)

V2 (resolution 720×480)
[].Crimson.Girls.EP01.[RAW].mkv (149.50 MB)

DEMO (デモ) Trial version (体験版)
[].Crimson.Girls.EP01.[RAW].[DEMO].flv (3.54 MB)

NOTE: I missed some quality issues with the first release of this one so I found two more releases and posted some new links for anyone who wants a better quality version!!


  1. I have the episode 2 & 3 but my problem is it doesn’t have English subtitles and I cant understand Japanese at all

  2. uhm,, thx for the raw.. but i dont know if it just me, the movie start stuttering at the middle till the end (like problem at encoding or something ?) i even tried with multiple player (the problem occurs only at this movie, other movies from this site work great).

    anyway, great job dizzy and folks !,, just curious though, are you the owner of ? coz, i’ve read some comments and it just makes me think that you all are the owner. hahaha…

    ps. sorry for my english.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this. Sorry, somehow I missed this problem when I checked it. I will try to find a better copy to release (btw I’m not the one who encoded it)
      Your English was just fine, no need to apologize 🙂

      Thanks for your help!!

      1. I rechecked my file and I re-downloaded it from the original source and they both have the same issue!! SO I will upload a new file that doesn’t have these encoding issues.

    Sorry I am a little late with this one. Yesterday I was waiting for DeathMarine to finish up optimizing some new stuff on RABIDfiles before I released it and then I didn’t have a chance to get to it, till now.

  4. You are a tease, putting up the pages for soon-to-be-released hentai with no (yet) links for download.

    Meanie. 😛

    1. Sorry to get your hopes up when it was just a preview. I did try to post DEMO(preview) videos to those that have any out! I thought it was a nice way to show people what new releases are coming out this month. Just something I’m trying out, we will see how it goes.

      1. I fix the post titles to be less deceiving and added (SNEAK PEEK) to the end of them.
        I will remove that from the titles once I post the actual episode videos! 🙂

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