Cream Lemon 05 EPISODES 09-10 [ENG SUBS] (“Happening Summer” and “Star Trap”)
(くりいむレモン PART 5 / Brothers Grime X-Rated Cartoons) (「ハプニング・サマー」「STAR TRAP」)

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PLOT: Contains two separate erotic stories.

Story 01 Happening Summer – It’s the first day of summer vacation and the young adorable Yuki is looking for love. She meets her older sister, Keiko’s charming male friend Akira. Keiko instantly becomes infatuated by him and decides she will try to go out with him but neither of the girls knows what kind of guy Akira really is. His true intentions come out when he decides to gets greedy. Will it be too late for these sisters?

Story 02 Star Trap – A futuristic sci-fi space adventure about the two sexy space cadets with super powers, Lan and Kanata. A planet size tentacle monster with a sexual hunger for women is heading towards Earth and capturing all the women along the way. Lan and Kanata are sent on their first mission, to destroy the organism and save Earth. Without a chance in hell they decide to run for it in the opposite direction. Now that they are safe they decide to make out with each other but it seems the tentacle organism is attracted to their sexual ecstasy and soon catch up with them. With no where to run the girls must now face their doom…