Cream Lemon 04 EPISODES 07-08 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] (“Don`t Do It Mako-chan! Mako Sexy Symphony Part 1” and “Super Virgin”)
(くりいむレモン PART 4 / Brothers Grime X-Rated Cartoons) (「いけないマコちゃん MAKO・セクシーシンフォニー前編」「スーパーバージン」)

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PLOT: Contains two separate erotic stories.

Story 1 Don`t Do It Mako-chan! Mako Sexy Symphony Part 1 – Mako-chan is struggling with coming of age and the advances of boys, one in particular who has his heart set on having her all to himself. She is helped through her hard times by a mysterious young girl that seems to know just what she needs.

Story 2 Super Virgin – There is a group of virgin feminists at a school with special super powers. They are supposed to use these powers for good to protect innocent women from the filth that is man but they soon start to take advantage of their powers and begin to bully men without cause. One of their members, the innocent Mako falls for one such boy and they begin to date. This doesn’t sit well with the group of super feminists and they decide to take action against the lovers.