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  1. Is anyone else having trouble loading images on the main webpages?
    After clicking the titles it’s ok, but from the homepage it won’t load for me.

  2. The below are showing as dead. Didn’t notice til I tried to re-dl them.
    Download [].Yama.Hime.No.Sane.EP01.[RAW].avi from Rabid Files
    Download [][RAW].avi from Rabid Files
    Download [].Yama.Hime.No.Sane.EP03.[RAW].avi from Rabid Files

  3. These ones are also dead.

  4. Btw, deathmarine, All the links which involve Rabidfiles seems to still be broken incidentally.

    Only the links that have been changed to animefiles are working it seems? Did anyone ever figure out what went wrong with rabidfiles?

  5. IDK If this will help you very much but here is a list of some dead links:
    Download Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou The Animation.mp4 from Rabid Files
    [].Sister.Marina-Chan.[UNCEN].avi (218.47 MB)
    [].Schoolgirls.Special.Lesson.[UNCEN].avi (249.08 MB)
    [].Renzu.[UNCEN].avi (181.88 MB)
    [].Kekkai.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].mkv (326.48 MB)
    [].University.Girls.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].avi (303.98 MB)
    [].Karen.OVA.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].ogm (231.98 MB)
    [].Secret.Sex.Stories.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].mkv (239.42 MB)
    [].Shoyonoido.Makoto.Chan.EP01.[UNCEN].avi (209.20 MB)
    [].Shoyonoido.Makoto.Chan.EP02.[UNCEN].avi (178.30 MB)
    [].Rythm.Of.Love.EP01.[UNCEN]..avi (259.88 MB)
    [].Rythm.Of.Love.EP02.[UNCEN]..avi (267.35 MB)

    I hope this helps with your quest to repair links :3
    Cheers 😀

  6. so i wanted to dl a few series so i was going to pay the current file host for a month of premium, however, to payment site says the merchant cant accept paymaents at this time 🙁

  7. This file iDownload Mezzo Forte EP01-02 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN] English Subtitlesand A-Kite (Director’s Cut) EP01-02 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN] from Rabid Files is not working could you fix ?

  8. This file iDownload [HAD] Oshaburi Announcer EP01 Semen of Magic English Subtitles.rar from Rabid Files is not working could you fix ?

  9. Did the Preview images all break on the first page? They’re all squished, seems to happen around page 50-ish and beyond as well?

  10. i’ve signed up and get notifactions thru email and i’ve never been able to download from here…..everywhere else i can download if promised except here

  11. I just noticed that as of today 22 October 2015 all the dl links refer to a paid rabidfiles sites. It used to be free download and now well… it’s a shame

  12. Maybe someone on this website can help me in trying to figure out a certain hentai movie title. I only remember one scene where its four girls in a hot tub and it cuts to another girl where she is talking to the camera and is in bed with a purple duck stuffed animal. After a minute she pulls a dildo out of the stuff animal and starts masturbating with it. Don’t know if the title is part of series or a standalone any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. can you tell what browser you are using? are you using adblock? Are you using windows?

      i tested the links and they worked fine for me. I wish i could track down the problem…

  13. Account status for rabid files has not been upgraded to PAID user 3 hours after purchase.

    Reference # 001 0778996 T

    I tried to place this request on the contact section of rabid files, but your captcha system is broken, stating “ERROR: Invalid domain for site key” when attempting to generate a captcha to enter (which is required for contact form).

    Sorry for bugging you guys here Dz and DM. It seemed like the easiest way to get your attention. :3

  14. Will be re-adding tags and the tag cloud? I notice that older releases still have tags, but the tag cloud page is nowhere to be found.

  15. Hey! You fixed it! Thanks man, I appreciate it! What turned out to be the problem and what was the solution? (Just curious) 😀

  16. Could you send me an Email when the screenshot problem is fixed? It would be much appreciated 🙂
    Hope you fix it soon! Good luck! 😀

    1. I’m working with the company to get Hshare fixed.

      I had to turn off nextgen gallery because it messes up the new theme optimizations.

      I will fix them as soon as I can

  17. Hi, I would just like to say I keep getting a error with your older screenshots that prevents me from seeing them, all I get is: [nggallery id=242] (or any other three numbers). Please fix this for me or help me understand what’s wrong!

    P.S. Love the new website layout 🙂

  18. First off, a big improvement from last time. Last layout was a bit plain, but this one’s a major step.

    Second, was gonna ask if you plan to put up some links. Some people (like me) don’t have accounts yet for the other links (hopefully in the future i will..). would you be kind enough to bring in more options to download?

    Otherwise, thanks for the big change in this site. Keep up the good work.

  19. I noticed the new look also. Been following you for some three years, and you’re always “in fashion”. ^_^

  20. Never mind found the “next” “Previous” buttons. Right next to the photo. Man do I feel stupid….

  21. The new layout is not that bad. Unfortunately in the process you got rid of the “next” and “previous” tabs. Any chance you can bring those back. They were the easiest (only) way to chronologically down load the whole library. GOTTA HAVE THEM ALL!!! Thanks for the great site 🙂

  22. Hey there ~ just stumbled upon this site and honestly is awesome : ) . good job guys and thanks alot ! just got 1 thing to ask though , are the animes here with the tittles that doesn’t have the word ‘ eng sub ‘ has eng sub ? cause i noticed quite a lot of new ones that doesn’t have those and didn’t try on downloading it yet but it looks quite … well… interesting xD , so was wondering if only the one that has Eng Sub is properly put on the titles or some have with the titles saying it does have and some dont but actually have , sorrry if i wrote so long TT_TT

  23. No need to post this comment

    anyway there seems to be an issue with rabid files all downloads are saved as just a string of alphanumeric characters with no file extension.


  24. Are you planing to get another torrent because this one is really anoying to download from 🙁

    some good ones are mediafire or

    U decide 😀 !!!

    And the stuff u have here is awesome!!!

  25. Hi!
    Everytime when i’m trying to continue download i’m gettin redirected to cdjapan, download isn’t starting, can’t even “recaptcha”. Cheers 🙂
    free user

  26. I downloaded Eromame Episode 2 & Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex Suru Episode 2 … it doesn’t have subtitles … when will be the release of subtitled version of these two ??

  27. I like your site, but unfortunately is down for maintenance last week I checked and also today. I know that it would be a pain to re-upload everything but maybe you could start to about mirrors? Please, at least for future uploads! Thank you for your time.

  28. Not a fan of the new layout. Pictures look nice but they are all uneven. Looks like the home page was just thrown together. I liked it when all the pictures were the same size it made the site look neat and tidy. Other than that nice job. Just looks messy to me.


  29. I know you are working your little fingers off with the new update. Us fans appreciate it!! But there is a problem with all the old down loads I have tried. The problem starts past page 13 in your history. I am using the free down load option. It is thru FILE HOSTING. After you wait the 30 seconds and you solve the puzzle it jumps to the next page with the error “404 Not Found nginx/1.7.9” . Maybe only the free downloads are affected.

    Ps I am not a fan of the new layout. Kind of hard to remember where you were without pictures (old posts only). Maybe you can have the date automatically put at the top of the thumbnail for all the posts… just an idea. The pages that have pictures look great!!

    1. i appreciate your understanding and patience

      found the problem. It effects only free users and guests. Fixing the problem ASAP!

      1. I am not a html5 or CSS guy but I do work with such people i’ll get the full information as soon as possible. They are working on page that scrolls automatically down at certain events and and its like a one page format……… hmm idk i’ll post when I’ll get the full info

        But still your work is awesome
        keep it up

  30. Hi. I think the site looks nice. I would like to know what I am d/ling though especially with the new releases I see here. Could you inform us in your posts whether its a game, 3d movie, or just regular hentai? Thanks much appreciated.

  31. Any idea why subtitles appear blocked out by blocks of the letter ‘A’ instead of the script? I’m using VLC to play the video/subs.

  32. Wow, Talk about a major change on the site. Why the sudden jump from a simple site to something that looks like it comes from Windows 8? It just seems abit too crowded now with how all the covers are clumped together which isn’t really appealing to even attempt to navigate through for the newer videos.

  33. Just wanted to say (despite what the silly trolls are sayin) that the new layout looks great and thanks for all your work.

  34. This new grid-like interface you guys got on your site sucks! The preview pictures are missing from EVERY MOVIE in the older posts section. This site USED TO BE so much better back when you could select the page you wanted to go to. NOW, there aren’t even any preview pictures for each movie so that you at least have some idea of what you are clicking on! Please, guys, restore this once excellent site back to the way it once was: navigable. I will be using something else until that happens. That is all I have to say.

    1. The old theme is gone and will not come back.

      I’m fixing the pictures. The old covers cannot be used because they were too small and low quality so I have to go out and find the covers for a lot of then and that takes a lot of time and I’m just one person. I do a lot more than just run this site.

      I’ll take your suggestion and add a navigation bar for both the top and bottom.

    1. why because i asked your stupid ass for more details? like what files are you having trouble downloading or just general or do you get any error messages? Calling me an asshole isn’t more detail. Doesn’t bother me any if you can’t download. it’s your loss.

  35. How long will it take to get to a funktional state?
    I mean things like a search bar a new releases list are kinda neet. 😛

    Anywas nice to see you’re doing well and the page is still alive. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Functional? It’s fully functional. You dont see the search box on the top of the site??? put in your search term and hit “enter”

      There will not be a release list anymore.

      the only thing missing is a lot of the covers which im slowly fixing

        1. It’s a lot for one person to do. Why not offer help if you care so much about this site. Like posting tags in the comment section of the video and I can easily and quickly add them to the main post.

          I took your criticism about the navigation and will make the changes.

          This site can get better but I need everyone’s help. Again,it’s just me doing this so either you can help or just deal with the pace.

  36. I noticed that this layout has been change. Nice to know that you’re still alive and well. Keep up with the good work!

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