(肉体転移 / Nikutai Teni)

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PLOT: During summer break, a mysterious vessel used for the ritual is sent to the high school archaeology club. The club members and I lose consciousness when a mysterious light from the vessel illuminates us. When I come to, I realized I have been transferred into the body of Kurahashi Yoshimi whom I adore like my elder sister. Her female body is so soft, it smells good, and is so sensitive to sexual stimulation. I find it unfair that the woman are this different from men… and start to enjoy this new body I am trapped inside.
The other members that were exposed to the light from the vessel also exchange bodies with other students and we are all transported into the secret world of sexual desire. The strange phenomena continues to repeat itself over and over, the students are helpless to the power of desire as they indulge in each new body they are transferred into.
Will they ever be able to return to their world and to their own bodies?