BIOSEEKER 02 Mucus Parasite [RAW] [+ BONUS BIO SEEKER 01 CG Collection]
(BIOSEEKER動画集 SCENE2 粘獄・寄生編 version1.01 / BIOSEEKER Movie Series: Scene 2 Mucus Parasite)

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[].BIOSEEKER.02.Mucus.Parasite.[RAW].rar (1.04 GB)

BONUS – BIOSEEKER 01 [RAW] (3D CG collections)
[].BIOSEEKER.1.Story.CG.[RAW].rar (240.78 MB)
[].BIOSEEKER.1.[BONUS.CG].rar (152.38 MB)
[].BIOSEEKER.1.flash.[RAW].rar (436.56 MB)


BIOSEEKER 01 (BONUS CG Collection)

PLOT: Our heroine is trapped in the middle of a horrific biological experiment gone horribly wrong. She is attacked by a giant worm-like creature who traps her in a slimy mucus, it violates her and finally she is impregnated by parasites.
A hentai anime that mirrors the feel of the Resident Evil games.

note: you need to have adobe flash installed to play the .exe files.