BIOSEEKER 02 Mucus Parasite [RAW] [+ BONUS]

BIOSEEKER 02 Mucus Parasite [RAW] [+ BONUS BIO SEEKER 01 CG Collection]
(BIOSEEKER動画集 SCENE2 粘獄・寄生編 version1.01 / BIOSEEKER Movie Series: Scene 2 Mucus Parasite)

Direct Download Link(s) (DDL)
[].BIOSEEKER.02.Mucus.Parasite.[RAW].rar (1.04 GB)

BONUS – BIOSEEKER 01 [RAW] (3D CG collections)
[].BIOSEEKER.1.Story.CG.[RAW].rar (240.78 MB)
[].BIOSEEKER.1.[BONUS.CG].rar (152.38 MB)
[].BIOSEEKER.1.flash.[RAW].rar (436.56 MB)


BIOSEEKER 01 (BONUS CG Collection)

PLOT: Our heroine is trapped in the middle of a horrific biological experiment gone horribly wrong. She is attacked by a giant worm-like creature who traps her in a slimy mucus, it violates her and finally she is impregnated by parasites.
A hentai anime that mirrors the feel of the Resident Evil games.

note: you need to have adobe flash installed to play the .exe files.


  1. bioseeker 2, the animated one. the scene where her eyes glow red and she’s giving birth to the odd head like thing. i can not find that scene in the animations anywhere. I also noticed the file size is 1.07GB and dlsite lists the updated version as 1.2gb. Do you think this might be the old version?

    1. This isn’t the updated version, that’s why I don’t say it is. Sorry it doesn’t have the scene you are looking for, I looked around before but couldn’t find that version. (this one was pretty hard to find)

    1. What ones are you looking for? They are all there? are they scenes from BIOSEEKER 2 or for BIOSEEKER 1 because there are screenshots for both of those up on this page.

    1. Sorry for the late reply… Yeah it’s a brand new tag I just added, now I have to try and tag any previous releases that fit into the monster category.

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