Best of Kitty vol. 4 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]
– Bondage House
(ディテクティブ file.1禁断の愛, Detective File 1: Kindan no Ai)
– Erotic Torture Chamber
(プリンセス・ロード 薔薇と髑髏の紋章, Princess Road: Bara to Dokuro no Monshou)
– Sins of the Flesh
(聖贄 いけにえ, Ikenie)

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Bondage House – Takayasu Higashino is private detective with plenty of expert skills above and beyond mundane investigations. His knowledge of guns is second to none, his martial arts skills are world-class, and his special interrogation techniques are guaranteed to elicit a confession from any female suspect.

When Takayasu rescues the beautiful Ayane from a rape, he is drawn into a dangerous game of intrigue and seduction. He goes under cover and under the covers to sneak into Ayane’s mansion, where she has been imprisoned by her family’s sex-crazed bodyguards.

Before reaching her, however, Takayasu must not only out-smart Ayane’s devilish uncle and his gang of servants, but also her seductive aunt, Kiyoe. This housemistress definitely has her own plans to distract the heroic detective, and it will take all of his special skills to turn the tables on her.

Erotic Torture Chamber – On the mysterious continent of Lar, where dragons are as common as pleasure slaves, the evil and sadistic King Maryu plans his invasion and conquest of the Asronia Kingdom. At the center of his demented plan, to kidnap the young and beautiful Princess Yurii of Asronia, and break her spirit whle he turns her into his personal sex toy. With his very special training assistant, he intends to make Yurii his number one pleasure slave who will obey his every command.

Watch as Yuri endures the most humiliating training, the most degenerate sexual rituals, and the most erotic forms of torture!

Sins of the Flesh – Adolfo is a brilliant artist who wants nothing more than to devote his life to God. He is determined not to be led astray by the temptations of the flesh. One day, he is taken with the beauty of a country girl. He struggles with mounting indecent thoughts, uncontrollable desires, and erotic fantasies. Confused by his virginal naivet, he mistakes lust for love and falls into the pit of sin and damnation.