Beautiful Mistress Mie EP 02 [RAW]

Beautiful Mistress Mie EPISODE 02 [RAW]
(美麗女将・美恵「小料理屋の慕情~喪服妻第二巻~」 / Mofuku Tsuma / 喪服妻)

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PLOT: Volume 2: Mie is a beautiful widow, still young, she lost her husband due to an accident and the only family left is her beloved daughter Arisa. She runs a restaurant pretty much by herself, the only employee is her chef Kouji. Arisa is in love with Kouji and they recently got intimate.

One day Mie is caught masturbating by Arisa, she is a woman after all and is quite lonely since her husband died. Arisa has noticed her mother likes Kouji and he likes her mother, she then decides to help her mother satiate her sexual desires…


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