Be Lifesized My Lover [RAW]

Be Lifesized My Lover [RAW]
(等身大マイラバー~ミナミ対メカミナミ~ / Toushindai My Lover: Minami Tai Mecha-Minami / Be Lifesized My Lover ~ Minami vs Mecha Minami)

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PLOT: From what I can tell this is about a teenage guy who decides to order a Real Doll sex doll from a magazine but when she arrives she is much more realistic than he ever could have dreamed and all she wants is to serve and please her new master. Things get a little complicated when his girlfriend comes over unexpected and catches them together. It doesn’t take her long though to get turned on to the idea of spicing up the relationship. Will she feel the same way when she discovers this new woman is really just a sex toy?

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