Battle Can Can [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

(バトルキャン² / batorukyan² / Battle Can2)

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PLOT: Join this band of femme fatales as they sacrifice their dignity to save the galaxy from unsavory space pirates. To solve their cases, they battle the bad guys, rescue stolen treasure, and wrestle space aliens. No job is too big, no humiliation is too great, and no alien has too many tentacles to keep them from the big score.

On their latest mission, the Battle Can-Can girls are out to retrieve a stolen artifact known as the Cosmic Firefly, a gorgeous but fragile jewel worth many billions of dollars, much more than what they make in a year! In order to return it to the rightful owners, they must subdue the most vicious space pirates, have sex with aliens, and confront a traitor from within!

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