Assault Scene [RAW] [3D]
(暴行現場 -キモいホームレスオヤジが女子高生を手に入れた場合- / Brutal Scene – The Incident of the Homeless Man and High School Girl-)

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PLOT: Ai Nagasawa is walking home from her evening juku lesson and since there was an exam tonight, she’s getting out later than usual.

She is suddenly overcome with the urge to pee, so she reluctantly steps into a park restroom… a filthy restroom where depraved, foul homeless people dwell. It’s no place for a girl to wander alone at night but she can’t hold it. She hurries to pee and tries to rush out of the restroom as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, there are ominous, dirty shapes blocking her exit. One man leers at her with a twisted smile.

With one look at her sweet body his arousal is piqued. His smile becomes a perverse, toothy gash. And he drags her inside.

“Fight back and I’ll hurt you.
Refuse me and I’ll hurt you.
I’ll show you what rape really is.”