Asatte Dance EP 01-02 [RAW]

Asatte Dance EPISODES 01-02 [RAW]
(あさってDaNCE / Dance Till Tomorow)

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[].Asatte.Dance.EP01.[RAW].avi (127.34 MB)
[].Asatte.Dance.EP02.[RAW].avi (220.98 MB)

PLOT: Suekichi Terayama is a college student with a lot on his mind. He prefers his behind-the-scenes work with the avant-garde theater troupe Bondage Horse to his studies (probably because he has a crush on the troupe’s leader, Miss Shimomura). The thing is, his great-grandfather has just died and left him an inheritance of 450 million yen… on the condition that he graduate from college and start a career. Then there’s Aya, the very sexy woman he finds in his bed the morning after the funeral and who proceeds to force her way into Suekichi’s life. He’s pretty sure she’s only after his inheritance, but her frequent seductions are impossible for him to resist. Add a theater-loving yakuza, the great-grandfather’s lawyer, Aya’s ex-husband and the pretty young Miyuki to the mix, and Suekichi’s life seems destined to spin out of control.

note: The quality of these rips are not up to my standards but as these are the only ones available I decided to release them anyway.

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