Animo No.01 [RAW] [3D]

Animo No.01 [RAW] [3D]

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[].ANIMO.No.01.[RAW].[3D].avi (136.64 MB)
[].ANIMO.No.01.[FLASH.FILES].rar (140.23 MB)
[].ANIMO.No.01.[CG].rar (3.91 MB)

PLOT: A 3d hentai anime where a young girl is introduced to a very horny donkey. It doesn’t take her long to take advantage of the situation and make the best of this donkey’s big dick.


  1. if only I could get this thing translated, i’ve been spending a good hour using a translator keyboard thing and heh This stuff is HARD <3 Still thanks Dizzy for a wonderful download.

  2. Does anyone know the creator/author of this and the other beastiality videos on this site? If so could you please let me know.

  3. Oh man, I live in mexico, and about an hour worth of driving from were i live there’s a ranch. When i drive by i can see tons of horses and donkeys. I hope this girl never finds out, by the looks of it she wont want to leave. xD

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