After… The Animation EP01-02 [RAW]

After… The Animation EPISODES 01-02 [RAW]

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PLOT: A not so sweet coming of age story between a bother, his sister and their group of friends. Life is a bumpy ride and things can get messy. Will these friends survive the sex, scandals and mistakes made along the way.


  1. A review filled with firsts, wtf and waitwuts… Never did a hentai left me with so much confusion. Let me explain.

    It all started pretty normal though. In fact, I hugely doubted if the description was right. For a 2007/2008 hentai from Tony, the art was good yet somehow it didn’t felt like 2007/2008.
    The censorship was pretty heavy, more like hentai from 2002-2003. The art too, it’s beautifully detailed, in the Tony style. Yet when you look good, especially at the drawing of the boobs, it’s also not like 2007. The boobs are smaller than from comparable titles…
    Also: judging from the events, it didn’t seem like ‘a not so sweet coming of age story’.
    But then it happened, at the end of ep 1.

    Guy 1 is doing girl a but at the same time is guy x hitting on girl a. Yet girl a has a secret in chich guy 8 is involved. My brains… The first time since long, that I’ve seriously regretted dl and watching hentai. Another contributing factor is this: during the confusion I’ve also felt anger. Some events just made me mad: Thef are you doing?, was a phrase I’ve kept repeating in myself whilst watching. A first, since watching Triangle Blue. Even though this doesn’t contain NTR or Scat. Two genres I really hate in hentai, since I’ve started to value more types of hentai.

    The only upside I could find about After… was Tony’s art..

    What did I just watch?
    Rating: 1 (my lowest rating so far and my most negative review so far)

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