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UPDATE (02/28/2012)

Super Exciting News!!

Hi everyone,
We are looking at going back to Direct Downloads. If all goes well, I will probably start posting Direct Download Links sometime this week. That’s why I haven’t gotten around to replacing all the old DDL’s with torrents.

I was wondering what you prefer?

Direct Download Links
Magnet Links
Or all three

Post a comment and let me know

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    I like the torrents, personally. They’re much faster for me than the DDs, and I can have simultaneous downloads going without an issue.

  • torrent bro..

  • Me personally, I prefer direct downloads. I’m sure others would prefer torrents, but I don’t have the patience to wait for a torrent of one file.

  • 1. Usenet (fast, reliable, good retention) – (costs money, about $6-10 a month)

    2. Magnet Links

    3. Torrents

    4. DD

  • Torrents

  • torrents

  • Torrent will be nice :)

  • Torrents, but I like Magnet links too!!

  • Order of preference:
    Magnet (sometimes it gives me problems, like not finding seed/peers)

  • Well personally, if they are well seeded, I like torrents. Dunno wtf magnet links are but I’ve seen them knocking about recently and it would probably be wise to explain em in your FAQ or something.

    As to choosing which, I think a mixture of DDL, and torrent is awesome. If a torrent is seeded, I always choose that, however if it’s low the option of DDL is great too.

    That’s just my thoughts on the matter.

  • torrent

  • magnet > torrent > … > http.
    Cause http isnt so good like before.
    and if thats a problem cause u need suport/donate use adfly/(or somethin like this, that isnt abusive) to get the magnet/torrent, thats not a problem for me.

  • torrents

  • i like Torrents more than Direct = =

  • torrents are the best:P

  • In general I prefer Torret > DDL > Magnet.

    But this depends on which DDL site.

  • Torrents definitely because I hate it when I see so many things I want at once and I have to wait for the direct download to finish.

  • <3 Torrents

  • i think both torrent and DDLoads. like many have said the torrents just move way quicker than dd.

  • Direct Download Links! I can’t use torrents because my internet provider blocked p2p long time ago. DDLs is the only way for me. I’m looking forward to your decision and all this great stuff you upload for us :)

    • have you tried magnet links, they should get you past those pesky blocks in a flash ;D

    That’s great news.

    My first choice is usually direct downloads but if it’s too slow or unresponsive, I then fall back on torrents. So I guess those 2 at least, if possible.

  • May start getting monotonous, but yeah, torrents.
    No idea what people are complaining about with it being slow or having no patience waiting for it… The only thing faster were the downloads from crocko with an account, but I don’t intend on paying for such a thing again with the grief it caused you AND with the restrictions of what you are allowed to put up there with many other sites like that.
    I see it so many times *this file has been deleted due to -insert random blabla here-* May be copyright issues, but most of the time they still check the content and then decide they don’t approve of porn. Well golly, what did you expect people would use that stuff for? photo albums? But yeah, freedom on the internet… Not if the law keeps screwing with it.
    But oh my, it’s such a bother to companies losing all that money on the 1 in a 1000 that don’t pay for it. They seem to think that the people who aren’t willing to pay for it will pay anyway if they are no longer able to get it for free… Yeah, right! Think again, idiots!! Go waste money on something else that actually makes sense!

    Sorry, ranting is too easy for me. =P

  • I hate DDLs.
    I prefer torrents but magnet links are fine too.

  • Def torrents !

  • 1. Magnet
    2. Torrent
    3. DDL

  • I use DDL only. I have used torrents a few yeras ago, but nowadays it’s not safe.

  • I favor Torrents, definitely.

    Magnet links are to me just another kind of torrent file, and DDL usually either require paying or have horrendous waiting times or other limitations, depending on service.

  • I prefer direct downloads or all three.

  • definetely torrent

  • DDL>torrent>magnetlinks…..

  • Torrents please!

  • torrents please… then again maybe direct downloads cauze it sucks when people stop seeding but ddl suck too cause even if i upgrade to premium i always get the same speed 20kb/s it does not seem to respond well in my country, so torrents please…

    • that’s probably the max you IP allows. So in your case, getting a premium account would do nothing. you would need to check with you IP if they offer faster speeds first.

    Magnet links and DDLs. Magnet links are faster and safer if there is high demand for something. Having a DDL would be great for a backup if the seed is dead.

  • torrents

  • Torrents


    but if is DD , it is possible not to use easy-share?

    • I will NEVER use CROCKO(easy-share) EVER again. They are scum! You shouldn’t download from them or use them in any way (what they did to us is unforgivable) I will be removing the last 200 or so crocko links that are left on here as soon as we get set up with this new DDL site

    Torrent all the way

  • Dizzy, even if the majority goes to torrent, can you still put the DDL on the site. I much prefer DDL then torrents cause torrent is just doesn’t agree with me.

    for all torrent users, how the hell you guys use torrents? why mine cant even pass 50 Kbps while downloading.

    • I am going back to DDL. I’m just trying to decide if I will be keeping the Torrent&MagLinks up as well. The site started out as a DD site and I plan on getting it back to that. There is always hshare for torrents of my releases.


  • torrent and DDs .

  • Torrent

  • Just found the site. GOD I love you already. So, saw the discussion, many people support torrents, aggreable, but there’s one thingy. Torrents rely heavily on other people sharing, and let me tell you something: downloading Saeko overpowered by drug (FTW) right now, and there are 11 seeds, 26 peers. You can imagine speed’s not great. Now, I can say that and complain, but truth is I never seeded in my life either. I’m just useless. My upload speed’s 10kb/s. Yes, seriously. Now I’ve got a problem with myself leeching off a guy’s seeding and then give practically nothing back. So for me it’s DD’s, even if my favorite’ll always remain torrents.

  • hello, my preference goes to free ddl for speed then torrent for reliability. don’t overwork yourself

  • free ddl and torrents :)

  • torrent will be the top choice..but if DDL is ***** that will be awesome too

  • Higher to lower preference

    3)Magnet link

  • I prefer torrents, but DDL not so bad either

  • torrent :)

  • I always feel the more options the better. And if any one should fail (just as the File Lockers famously did when the MegaUpload event took place) other forms of download will be there ready as plan B.
    So my answer is: All.

  • torrents and ddl

  • torrets/magnets

  • Torrents

  • 1.torrents

  • None of the direct downloads seem to work for me so i perfer torrents.Whenever i direct download it start the download then zips through it to the end and i end up with a 1 or 2 KB file.I have no idea why, but i can download with torrents just fine.Also i want to express what a great job the site op is doing here .i just found this site last week and i,m so happy to find a torrent site that doesn,t make you jump through hoops to get the link.Thank you so much

    • Your very welcome. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the issues you have had with direct downloads in the past since I don’t know anything about it but if you are still having trouble when I get the new links up on here I will try my best to help you through it. (but hopefully you wont have any issues)

    i prefer torrents since most DDL sites throttle your download speed and prevent you from downloading more than one file at a time – and since the whole Megaupload fiasco, a lot of people are avoiding DDL sites. i’m cool with whatever you decide (because this site is fucking awesome and i’m not going anywhere), but is it necessary to replace all the torrent links you already put up? you put a ton of effort into that, and it seems like a huge hassle to redo everything all over again. i understand that some people can’t do torrents because of ISP-throttling or software issues, so it’s good to have DDL – i myself used DDL exclusively for years until i learned how awesome torrents are. but why not have both options?

  • Hi,
    And first off – many thanks for continuously providing great stuff. ;-)
    Using torrents does look like the best option to me, we don’t have to put up with the lame DDL sites and their tons of adverts. Ok it might take longer to download a single file but like it was said earlier, multiple downloads is possible and that is a real asset. Anyway… thanks again! Keep up the good stuff coming! Cheers from France.

  • Torrents

  • Hallo i see torrents is the best think i love torrents thx

  • Torrents as the main. Direct download in case torrents don’t have enough seeders.

  • Torrents please. Btw thanks for the awesome selection of the 3d hentai releases. Its the best and easiest to access site I have yet to come across.

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