TSF Monogatari EPISODE 02

TSF Monogatari EP 02 [ENG SUBS]

(TSF物語 Trans.2「痴漢!輪姦!肉便器!!」 / TSF Monogatari Trans.2 Chikan! Rinkan! Niku Benki!!」)

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PLOT: In the last episode Takumi suffered from a terminal illness, so he agreed to try an experimental gene therapy and was changed into a girl. Now he is finding out just how much fun girls can have!

11 thoughts on “TSF Monogatari EP 02 [ENG SUBS]

  1. I am so disappointed in this hentai .The manga was great and i had high expectations.This studio just failed it if it was Pixi i am pretty sure thy could have done it a lot better.

    1. True,but if pixy has did it, Dizzy would not have posted any links for the video at all cause they would sick the annoying DCMA again.

  2. Takumi more or less prostitutes him/herself, after she forcibly loses her virginity in the first episode. Talk about no class (No figure with hentai, I guess).

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