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Please Rape Me EP 02 [ENG SUBS]

(プリーズ・○○○・ミー! ~九条さくら ピーを…ピーに…ピーして下さい編~ / purīzu . ○○○ .mī ! ~kyuu jou sakura pī o pī ni pī shi te kudasai hen ~ / Purizu Reipu Mi EP2 / Please R*pe Me! 02)

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PLOT (EP01): Hosaka Ippei has a covert rape fetish. Unfortunate events lead him to take in Sally, a young girl who claims to have the ability to detect when girls want to get raped!! When Sally meets Chidori Yuuma, a classmate of Hosaka’s from back in high school, she reveals Yuuma’s secret desire and Hosaka decides it’s time to act…
(source: anidb)
(EP02): Having successfully “raped” his high school classmate, Yuuma. Hosaka now sets his eyes on another of his rape fetish targets, Kujou Sakura…
(source: cymuz)

EPISODE 01 with English subtitles also available


16 thoughts on “Please Rape Me EP 02 [ENG SUBS]

  1. Dizz, how bout this plot summary for ep

    Having successfully rape his high school classmate,Yuuma. Now,Hosaka set his eye’s on another of his rape fetish target,Kujou Sakura

    P.S: please comment and edit while you can coz this is my understanding of the anime

    1. Thanks for the summary, I just added it to the post. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really watch this one yet so I can’t comment on your summary but anyone else who has watched it could add to it or correct it if they feel it needs it.

      1. Its a pleasure to help since there’s no any subs for a full summary,so i completely rely on my instinct doing this summary and of course some japanese knowledge that i learn a bit……

        Anyway,keep up the good work,and don forget to put in sub’s if you got it..

        Ganbatteh!!!!do your best but dont stress yourself,otherwise we wont get any H-anime update later on :)

      2. oh yea…since you haven’t watch this anime yet,i’ll give a bit of a review of myself

        this story kinda more focus on Hosaka being a sissy when the’queen control’ Sally start living with him,only to man up a bit during rape scenes or based on Sally’s opinion like ‘who will be my next victim,man??’ which in this term,he had to beg/bribe her a bit.

        in short,its only humourous when Hosaka is being a p*ssy at finding love or opressed by his new ‘roomate’ Sally..

        1. I’ve scanned over it to do a quality check but I haven’t had time to sit down and really watch it yet, take it all in and such 😛

        2. well thats why i wrote this,so you and anyone know about any opinion of the anime they watch,which i rarely seen anyone who wrote about the anime they watch,other than to praise or tease you for the work and update’s you have done(no heart fellings man) 😕

  2. Thnx again Dizzy. Ur really awesome lolz.

    A chick that loves and shares hentai and even goes out of her way to get subs, HD formats, LQ formats and DDLs. Hontou no Tenshi.

    Wish the world had more girls like u lolz

  3. Oh lord almighty couldn’t stop laughing at this! Much thanks for sharing! In return, have a review!

    Just by looking at the title, I knew this would be a hentai with much to laugh about and having some wtfs in it. And boy did I laughed. Who would knew that rape could be so funny. This is exactly what I expected from Collaboration Works (CW), after watching Eroge! Interestingly, they used a lot of references to other works. Like the posters of Eroge! and Euphoria. Or the girl with glasses from Eroge!

    What I didn’t expect though was that ClockUp could make a vanilla ‘rape’ hentai. After all they made Euphoria. I’ve happened to watch some minutes of it and damn, it is beyond Princess 69. But back OT. Please Rape Me was so good. They really know how to draw at CW, much kudos for that. Also notice how low the censorship is. And the sex was very enjoyable, though I’m a bit disappointed that the actual sex scenes began a bit late. On the other hand, the comedy rate was better than in Tropical Kiss, so also big kudos. Even the end was good. Cute, with a nice touch of wtf! is acutally a better way to describe it. Singing with sex toys attachted in and on you? Lord wtf lol!1?

    Then I would like to end this review with a recommendation. Dear vanilla hentai lovers:
    This hentai has rape in it. But if you ignore this one only for the rape, you’ll miss a very good and funny hentai. This hentai tries to give a comedy touch to the genre rape and succeeds well. Seriously, I never know those two could combine so good!

    Rating: A well deserved 10!

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