Ojou-Sama Yomeiri Kousou EP 01 [ENG SUBS]

Ojou Sama Yomeiri Kousou EPISODE 01 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]
(お嬢様☆嫁入り抗争! 上巻 極嬢の恋煩い / Princess ☆ Marriage Conflict)

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Mobile Devices VERSIONS (iPhone, Android, etc…) (480×270)
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– with English Subtitles
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DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[hshare.net].Ojou-sama.Yomeiri.Kousou.EP01.[DEMO].flv (7.51 MB)

PLOT: A conflict between two schoolgirls (the daughter’s of rival gang leader’s as I understand) takes off when, unknowingly, they each send a love letter telling their secret crush, Amakawa Mamoru, to meet on the roof…

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  1. Should get the alternate versions posted today, had to do some maintenance to my pc and still working on getting everything I need set up on it again.

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